Strut Specialists
Strut Specialists
Perth:  08  9445 9119
Brisbane:  07  3392 9505
Q. Is there a warranty on the struts?
A. All our automotive struts come with a 3 year replacement warranty. Universal and marine (Stainless Steel) struts come with a 1 year replacement warranty.
Q. What if I ordered the wrong struts?
A. Simply send them back to us undamaged for a full refund. (You have 14 days)
Q. I'm not sure what model / year my car is, what can I do?
A. Firstly try our OEM number search at the top of the homepage. If you still can't find your strut, email us the VIN number of the car. (Found on a plate in the engine bay)
Q. Why do you only sell Automotive struts in pairs?
A. Because the force between a pair of struts must be kept equal to prevent side loading and premature failure of the gas strut. Although an old strut may still feel like it has pressure left in it, it will be down on force.
Q. My struts have "Locked Up" or I can't push them in by hand.

The VAST majority of gas struts have more pressure in them than can be compressed by hand. (Anything more than 150N) The outward force is what provides the "lift", if you could push them in, they aren't going to lift much weight.

If your struts were once collapsing under load, but suddenly find they are rigid and won't move, the most likely scenario is that the FITTINGS they are attached to have come loose, and the struts are not lying in a straight up and down position. In this case, they will not collapse but work more like a "prop". Tighten all the fittings, and test them again.

Strut Specialists